Corrupt Installation Files & CRC errors

Ever since I installed WinXP a week or so ago, I've been unable to successfully extract or unzip any large files. I've also been having issues with installing items from original CDs.

When file extraction fails it tells me my installation file is corrupt, which is not the case because the same file downloaded to my other machine works just fine. When my CD fails it tells me there was a sync error or some crap and it cant continue with installation, but the disks are fine, because, again, they work fine on my other machines.

I've installed all of my latest drivers, flashed my bios to the newest version, and replaced all of my IDE cables. Aside from throwing my motherboard out the window, I have no idea what to try next.

XP has given me so many problems since I installed it, I'm wondering if I should just switch back to Win98. I still get blue screens constantly even when I'm just browsing the net. Maybe my motherboard is causing all these issues. I'd love to think it was that simple.

Any help is appreciated.
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  1. I would try to change your memorysticks if you can. Also, uncheck write cache on your harddrives to see if it could be some hidden problem there...
    Set your bios to default values...
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