AMD - New CPU's... what the hells goin on???

can someone please set me straight on something...
whats amd bring out and when and whats it going to be etc...
i know things are kept quiet etc but does anyone really know what or when these/this new amd cpu is coming out???
im getting rather confused with all the people coming out with throughbred and hammer... next there will probably be a claw or something coming out...
kinda reminds me of power rangers...
but if anyone out there has any ideas... please let me know !!
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  1. I'd advise you to check out some sites like here on THG for the Hammer info, and then wait one week for CeBIT and AMD's introduction of the Tbred along with all info.

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  2. CPUs are given codenames.
    We've had Thunderbirds.
    We now have the Palomino (AthlonXP).
    End of this month we will see the Thouroughbred.
    Then later on this year we will be aquainted with Barton.
    We will then be presented with the clawhammer.
    The sledgehammer will follow later.

    We currently use 32bit computing, the hammer series will introduce us to 64bit computing. Well, one side of it at least. But they will also be damn good at 32bit computing.

    Yeah, but the power rangers, even with their crash helmets, spandex, robotic karate and sudden movements while talking, cannot defeat the mighty hammer of AMD.

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  3. whats the difference tho with all of these? are they going to kick butt to the intel 4's 5's or what have you?????
    whats going to be happening with clock speeds cos surely they will have to sort out something with cooling arent they?
    or by reducing die size etc does that knock out some of the heat coming from the cpu???? im interested in what to upgrade to... anythoughts????????? xp or wait for the thouroughbred??? would the kg7 support it?? thanks for that by the way...
    i hope not with the power rangers... im sure amd will beat the power rangers as i hope it beats intel... too expensive for their own good and just clock speed... nothing more...
    just like having a high powered car with lots of bhp and having absoulte pants handling... not to worry...
  4. No matter what you purchase for a cpu, there will always be a faster/better one coming very soon.

    Thoroughbred is a .13 die shrink of the Palomino XP. Thoroughbred is expected out soon. Some guess by end of March, but others suggest it won't be out for a month or so after that.

    ClawHammer won't be out until much later this year. Thoroughbred shouold work in most any existing Athlon board that supports the XP. Hammer will require a new motherboard as it uses a much different socket.


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  5. 1 question mark per question is the same as 20, thanks.

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  6. i know that there will always be something more powerfull just wanting to know whats the best one to get for the biggest bang for the buck ... is there point in waiting for the Thoroughbred or is it worth just getting an xp now?
    sorry about the ? marks but just excitied about it all...
    just want to make the right desision when i buy a new cpu... dont want to have to buy something again in 6 months cos it dont support something it should do or something funny like that... thanks guys...
  7. If you want an opinion a lot have here, then yes, the ClawHammer should defeat by far any P4. It is slated to come out at PR 3400, and such performance is about a P4 4GHZ. Now maybe Intel will hurry the competition but for now, roadmaps show no 3 GHZ even at the end of the year. IF AMD times it right, they might strike Intel with the hammer indeed and could give them a very hard time at competing. They might even catch the public's eye before Intel's 3.4GHZ! Who knows.
    The Tbred is your best bet at upgrading for now, at 0.13m, it'll be cooler, and should cost less eventually. It will work on almost any mobo, but new ones will easily recognize it. Most await its overclockability, to see how far it can scale in OC compared to a NW 1.6A. If you want info on that, go find the topic by draglord about the 0.13 Tbred core, and see how a debate on OCing can really make twists!

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  8. Oh and please write a bit more punctual with less "cos" and "u"s internet language, I hate that in these boards...
    You should not underestimate the P4 however, it is just castrated, and if it hadn't been, it woulda kicked the Athlons for sure. It has potential and Intel will eventually have to exploit that.
    But I advise you to go get a Tbred though, it'll be worth it.

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  9. sorry about the gammar... not very good at getting things down on paper.. as it where.
    about the new cpus...
    what you think the costs will be? £150 starting from? (i think thats about $225 isnt it?)
    you honestly think it will be worth the wait? i live over in united kingdom so it might take a little longer to get it over here.
    thanks for the help... it makes things a lot more clearer than the mud im looking at !!

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  10. No real firm price idea. However, T-bred will likely have a price similar to the current XP. So, XPT-bred 1800 for around $150 or so and moving up to the $250-$300 street price range for the 2200.

    This is off the top of my head and I expect I am off by a bit.


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  11. well, i live in united kingdom so prices will be off slightly when they are in us dollars !!
    but thank you.. its nice to see that someone might have a slight clue in whats happening and whats best to get.. just dont want to keep upgrading every two months to try and keep up and make the most of the hardware i have... keep seeing new things it gets a bit annoying sometimes... to much money is needed and not enough in the bank !! does anyone know what the speeds will be or is that going to be another lot of guess work as well? thanks for the help mate!

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  12. Look out! It's the grammer police! :eek:

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  13. It is slated to come out at PR 3400, and such performance is about a P4 4GHZ. {quote]

    Actually, if amd keeps the same pr rating, the 3.4 will perform about the same as a 3.5ghz p4, not 4ghz.

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  14. Yup. But it really depends at least in part on what AMD bases their PR rating on. If on the Athlon Thunderbird, then PR3400 will likely be similar in performance to a 3.4 to 3.6ghz Northwood. If, however, AMD uses some other baseline, it could indeed be closer to a 4 ghz P4. I tend to think it will be closer to a 3.4-3.6ghz P4 though. It doesn't make a lot of sense for AMD to underrate it's PR 15% compared to the NW's actual clockspeed.


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  15. I dunno, you say that the AXP does more work per clock so it keeps increasing by each new step. Which is why 66MHZ can compete even 600MHZ farther of the P4. If the Hammer continues that legacy, it would easily tramp any near P4. I doubt it would be any close to being defeated by a 3.6GHZ P4. Any PR rating, or almost any of the XP ratings, usually mean that you should add about 300-500MHZ in P4 to see a competition. Get what I meant?

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  16. Eden I don't recall saying that. Yes, XP made similar boosts compared to Willamette, but Northwood scales somewhat better than Willamette. AXP scaling isn't 50% better than even Willamette or Thunderbird. It's more like around 20% better. So, as the processor increases in speed and PR rating, the actual performance of AXP doesn't quite increase as much as P4 per bump in speed or rating.

    Of course, we don't really know what the Thoroughbred will bring. It's rumored that it will only be a die shrink, in which case, it will offer similar performance clock for clock to current Palomino AXP's.

    In order to keep realistic comparisons to Northwood AMD will have to do something like 66mhz, 66mhz, 100mhz, 66mhz bumps or even alternate 66 and 100mhz bumps instead of 66mhz bumps across the board.

    The performance difference just isn't quite that good.


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  17. Sorry, the first phrase was intended to be said to Mat, since he always said it would ramp further by each increment...
    However I simply do not beleive a PR 3400 HAMMER, would not be any better than a 3.6GHZ P4. Realistically saying, PR 1600 could compete against 2GHZ, 1700 even more... but yes the 66MHZ vs 100pts PR does make a little off-drifting, but nevertheless the Hammer would definitly be able to compete against 4GHZ P4s, I just am sure.
    Either way, PR 3400 at end of year should put Intel on a run for their money.

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  18. is the tbred 133 fsb or 166?

    i went to the tomshardware forums and all i got was this lousy signature.
  19. Sorry I doubt it will go for 166FSB, but we never know, AMD might have something planned hidden next week for us!
    However new mobos, especially the new Epox using PC 2700 and the VIA KT333, has been tested at 166FSB 166 RAM, and the performance was extremly promising compared to current 166FSB only tests!!

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