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So, first of all, here's my system:
CPU: Amd Phenom II x6 1055T
GPU: nVidia Gtx 560 Ti
PSU: OCZ Modstream Pro 600W
Hard Drives: One 1TB 7200 RPM (can't remember, sorry), and one old hard drive (dying)

So, I've encountered a few weird issues lately, one being an infinite loop while shutting down and the freezing of my computer.
I'm pointing towards my second hard drive because it is dying.
Let me describe each situation to you and why I point to the drive:
When I tell the computer to shut down by opening the "Start Menu" and clicking "Shut Down," it does so, but the famous Windows "Spiral" goes on and on...forever. So, I'm forced to hard shutdown (hold power button for a few seconds). However, when I boot back into my Windows 7 64 Bit Ultimate, I get no "Your computer has shut down improperly" or anything among those lines--it works perfectly. This is, I believe, because the boot OS is on my primary HDD, and only the second one is failing.

The second situation JUST occurred. The computer froze. I'm not sure why. But, when it did, there was no hard drive activity (red led not flashing at all on case).

So, I'm not EXACTLY sure what's going on, but, I hope someone here can.
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  1. Try running a bunch of tests on it Using something like a Universal boot CD or PE CD and test the Memory (memtext86) CPU stress Test (prime95) or HDD scans using CHKDSK or a 3rd party utility to see if you can isolate where the problem is coming from
  2. A freezing computer is often due to problem memory. Run a memory test program such as memtest86 for at least three passes to test the memory, a faulty hard drive will also cause this problem, a dying hard drive could lock up the computer when the operating system tries to read from it, remove the dying hard drive to see if this is the cause.
  3. The build is over 2 years old. It's been running from Christmass 2010 (January 2011).

    Hasn't frozen whilst playing games (Counter Strike Global Offensive or Minecraft) so it isn't likely to be the CPU or GPU. All crashes haven't been just sudden black screen (so not likely to be PSU).
    Prime95 works perfectly fine, Windows disk checker in the "Computer" section works fine, but haven't checked through chkdsk /r or anything like that.

    Always able to boot back up perfectly fine, however.
  4. i would use the drive maker test tool after i would unplug the second drive and if the error show with the os drive only ,try a windows repair .
  5. I agree with the windows repair but before doing that examine your event logs.
    As for memory problems that is most likely a 0% chance as this is only occurring during shutdown.
    Try this, disconnect/disable your network interface and wait a 10-20 seconds or until task monitor shows that the system has settled down. Then shutdown your PC. See if the problem clears up. I'm betting 60-40 that the problem goes away.
    Don't forget to re-enable your network interface upon rebooting. :)
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