Is this a good buy for me?

I have a chance to purchase an Acer Aspire 5538-1672 model laptop for $200.00 canadian.
The specs are as follows:
AMD Athlon 1.2Ghz dual core processor, ATI Radeon HD3200 integrated graphics(384mb-I believe),
4gb's of DDR2-667mhz RAM, a 250gb Hard drive and a 15.6" LCD screen.
Apparently the battery can hold a 2hr charge.
Do you good people on here think that this is a good buy at the present time. Thanks, in advance for all responses.
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  1. Hello Th_Redman;

    Not such a great deal on an old, slow & used laptop.
    What do you plan to use it for?
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    Looks like it's not such an old model after all - just one with very low specs that make it look old.
    I guess it all comes down to what you expect that laptop to do for you.
    Suspect the current owner is selling it because it won't perform the way he hoped it would.
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