Upgrading my hp pavillion dv7-3165dx

I have a hp pavillion dv7-3165dx, and I'm trying to find out if its possible to upgrade the processor. I would replace the factory processor with AMD Athlon II X2 Processor. It goes at 3.0 GHz, with 2.0 MB of cache. I bought this 2-3 years ago for my desktop, but thats when I was a fool and didnt know that my intel's motherboard wasnt compatible with my AMD processor. I just need to know if i can take my laptop apart where i can change the processor, and if i can, if the processor is compatible.
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  2. Hello Canman76;

    Your dv7-3165dx and it's AMD Turion II Ultra M620 have a socket S1 638-Pin CPU mount and is not compatible with any of the desktop socket 754, socket 939 or socket AM2 desktop CPUs.
    And there are really no better socket S1 mobile CPUs that would make a reasonable upgrade for your dv7 laptop.
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