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hi, can anybody tell me when hp is going to release envy 17 i7 without 3d in india ? only 3d i5 model is available on hp india web site ..
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  1. The Envy series is expensive and have lots of native issues. Please consider something else.
    If you fill out this questionnaire, we can give you a good recommendation:

  2. but i really like envy as budget is not a problem , so i can wait for its launch , just want to know if its going to launch any soon?? :p
  3. Have you called or emailed Lenovo India and asked them?
  4. The Envy is fromo HP, you'd need to contact HP, not Lenovo.

    ogasd, there are heat issues, if you are buying this laptop for gaming, you'll be here frequently with new threads because of problems. The Envy series has become well known for that.
    But if you have your heart set on getting it, how about this from HP via Amazon?

    I'd recommend this though: http://www.amazon.com/ASUS-G74SX-A1-17-3-Inch-Gaming-Laptop/dp/B00542SUD8/ref=sr_1_9?s=pc&ie=UTF8&qid=1312385218&sr=1-9
  5. Amazon will only ship laptops within the US.

    If you want to complete a purchase from a US store you may need to check into one of the Package Forwarding services that will do the actual international part of the shipping.
    And depending on how you plan to pay for the laptop (credit card issued by Indian bank?) you might need some type of Assisted Shopping service.
  6. its kind of complicating for me :??: unless hp offers direct shipping , so i think i will wait for i7 launch in india maybe in 5-6 months they launch it ? please keep me updated if anyone has any news about its launch.. :) thanks for ur suggestions :)

    i tried to contact hp via. email , but they have no response :fou: , will try calling them , maybe they response this time ..... .....
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