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I purchased a laptop from an online store. The laptop has two internal hard drives. When I booted the computer for the first time I had to select which hard drive to install the OS to. I selected C. The C drive was significantly smaller than the D drive and is now full. I want to wipe the C drive and install the OS to the D drive. However I do not have the Vista disks. Any help would be appreciated.
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  1. As long as your has a software key you can download vista from a torrent then use your key to activate it after installing it to you bigger drive..
  2. Is it a brand name computer?

    If so, a system restore back to factory conditions will allow you to boot as if it was the first time, and therefore choose a diffrent drive

    Also, you should be able to access the D drive even if you installed on C. You can simply use it to store you large files and folders. It will work similar to a USB drive but much faster.
  3. i do not have the software key.

    And it is not a brand name computer.

    Can any one lead me to a tutorial.
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