Software working ok in safe mode but not in normal mode??

Hi I downloaded software from a disc and it installed ok, when I try to put in my details it,s like half the page is missing??, I tried the disc on another laptop works perfectly, if I start in safe mode and load the software it,s perfect but in manual it,s not working,,, can anyone help me out???
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  1. thought if i removed the programme and installed it from the site it would work, no still the same, tried changing the screen resolution, no still the same, this is a page opened within a page...:( any tips on how to solve it before my pc exits the sitting room window?? :)
  2. You have provided no details. What are your system specs? What is the software you are trying to use? What is the exact error message you get? Are there any errors in the event viewer's application log pertaining to this program? The application log is a good place to start.
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