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Where is the Line In socket on the sound card on the Toshiba Satellite L305D-S5934 located? A picture would be nice. Thanks!
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  1. Hello rdmoore;

    No Line In audio jack on the Toshiba Satellite L305D-S5934.
    Toshiba Satellite L305D-S5934 specs here.
    Depending on what you're trying to do you might be able to use the Mic jack.
  2. I need to transfer audio files from a mini disc player or DAT player to computer so I can make a CD of the files.
  3. I don't believe you'd be happy with the Mic jack work around. It's 'OK' for low quality input (voice recordings, etc) but not the quality you'd want to recreate .Wav files in original CD quality.
  4. I'm not sure what you mean by Wav files in original CD quality.
  5. On an audio CD the files are in an uncompressed format similar to a .Wav file format.
  6. Toshiba Satellite L305D-S5934
    there's 2 manuals on the product page, none of them wish to load for me, but maybe they'll work for you

    typically, laptops have 3 audio ports that are configurable using the sound card software installed on the laptop. Basically, line-in is usually maked as a circle with arrow going into it. Regardless of markings, you should be able to plug in, the software should come up asking what did you plug into the sound jack, you select line-in.
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