P4 2.0ghz 512k cache temperature?

How hot should a p4 2.0ghz 512k cache run at? Mine runs at 50C with a fan that runs at about 4200rpm.
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  1. 50 celcius is a little high for a P4, but nothing to worry about. If you're sure the heatsink is mounted properly, your hardware monitor may not be accurate. Also be sure to have 1 case fan in front and 1 in back for good air circulation.
  2. What temp should it be running at and should I get a faster fan to accomplish this temp?
  3. my p-4 2.0a runs at 45 C idle 50C loaded stock fan and HS .. use the Temp reported in Bios as your guide not MBM or Asus probe etc ..


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  4. My P4 was hitting 70c under full load a while back, I wouldn't worry about 50c :wink:

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