Thoroughbred in March not May

Looks like it will be <A HREF=",,51_104_543~15674,00.html" target="_new">March</A> after all.

<font color=green>"No Thoroughbred for you! Come back, 2 weeks."</font color=green>
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  1. Shipping date and availability date is not the same. It could very well take a month to build up adequate inventory for *official* release and availability announcement.

    Add to this that the boards /chipsets all need to be qualified for the new chip and there's probably 4 to 6 weeks between initial shipping and actual release.

    So, this is a paper launch at best, I hate to say.


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  2. actually this is the date that they will ship to oems (like gateway and compaq?) so that systems can start being put together and tested.
    But if it goes as smoothly as the Athlon C release, or Athlon XP release then it just might be late april or may before we can actually purchase one and have it shipped to our house.

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  3. I am still sticking to the <i>last week of April- early May</i> timeframe as to Thouroughbred avaliability.

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  4. Geeze. AMD really <i>is</i> becoming more and more like Intel every day! ;)

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  5. I know! I was surprised by this as well. It was clearly a paper launch, which in the last couple years has NOT been typical of AMD. But at least they can claim they are shipping in Q1 even if they won't be for sale until Q2 and that may help prove false some analysts claims at the end of last year that AMD was running into problems delaying shipment to Q2 since they are commencing shipment in Q1.

    Was that a run-on sentence or what!

    When all else fails, throw your computer out the window!!!
  6. who cares? you cant wait to spend your hard earned money on an increse you cant tell the difference of
  7. You said it yourselft - its spending the money on new technology that gives us satisfaction - not actually feeling the difference (although beleive me you would :) )

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  8. I just want to buy one so I can overclock it and show off high MHz numbers :smile:
    more performance is just a benefit.

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  9. Actually, I have no plans to buy a new CPU or system in the next 6 months.


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  10. unless of course someone has been witing on a 700Mhz Duron or PIII for the next AMD platform. Not everyone is waiting for Tbred to throw out their XP2000s you know....

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  11. if that's your only plan then why not get a northwood 1.6 and overclock the crap outta it? it'll give you, imo, far greater numbers then a thoroughbred will. Fugger shows 2.5+ right? i doubt the thoroughbred will be able to get that speed unless watercooled and super duper tweaked out..i dont buy amd to show off my PR rating but because its cheaper and in the sweet performance..and the amd 2100+ shows TOP OF THE LINE performance

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  12. Show me where you can buy a Gateway with an AMD processor. Maybe at a garage sale. As far as I know Compaq is the only oem that sells with AMD at this time. I might believe it will take longer to get them in stock but we will wait and see I guess.

    <font color=green>"No Thoroughbred for you! Come back, 2 weeks."</font color=green>
  13. Tranlated from French
    March, not May.
    Here's the link with the<A HREF="" target="_new"> Pics.</A>
    CeBIT: AMD shows Hammer and Thoroughbred
    Published the 14/3/2002 by TEAM Clubic

    AMD benefitted from CeBIT to officially announce the next evolution of the Athlon processor known under the name of Thoroughbred code.
    The principal innovation of this processor is its smoothness of engraving in 0,13 micron which enables him to release less heat and thus to make it possible to reach higher frequencies. Visually celà results in a reduction of the size of the core.
    This new processor should arrive as of the end of the month, at the beginning of April at the latest on the market.
    We could photograph Thoroughbred 2800+ beside Athlon XP in 0,18 micron what enables you to distinguish the difference in size from the core.
    At the end of this year should appear first Hammer at the same time in version server and desktop. This processor 64 bit particularly differs from the IA64 of INTEL by its total compatibility with applications 32 bit. This compatibility will allow a more flexible transition from the 32 towards the 64 bit.
    Hammer will be intended first of all to the professionals with a version server which you can observe on the right (photo below) and a version desktop on the left.
    These new processors will profit from the advantages of the HyperTransport technology which is for the moment used only by NVIDIA on its nForce.
    Other awaited processor, Athlon SFF. SFF for Small Form Factor, the miniature format of PC for which it is mainly intended. This processor with low fuel consumption releases little heat and can even occur from system of distribution. Athlon 1500+ SFF is déja distributed in Asia and should thus arrive soon to Europe.

    <font color=green>"No Thoroughbred for you! Come back, 2 weeks."</font color=green>
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