Computer won't start after i tried updating BIOS

I was trying to update BIOS and other drivers after fresh windows installation
a soon as I double-clicked on the update.exe the computer frozen
and I pressed the power button
and I tried to turn it back on
but t won't, like the fan is on and I can hear the harddrive and the vcards fan too

I took out the memory video card
And tried o reset the BIOS
any ideas?

Dell XPS 9100
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  1. Read under "Step 4: Update your BIOS" to get the idea.

    How to Update Your BIOS
  2. Well I don't think I'm going to update ! If I have to thn I will take it to an expert

    Now! I have to change the motherboard!
    That's what memory experts said to me
    And they also told me I need the same motherboard
    they said something about the chipset!

    From dell
    Can I buy something similar or any that will work with my processor?
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    baday2003 said:

    Well, when the BIOS is being updated and the power is interrupted it can damage the BIOS beyond repair, and leave the motherboard useless... so when you did the hard restart, that would be the same as interrupting power... what's not clear is the image; did you take that shot before starting the BIOS update, or is it what you're getting now?... I would guess this is now?.. If so, the update may still work, but what can you do without a keyboard?
    If you have to replace the motherboard, you should use the same exact model as replacement... they may have mentioned the chipset to you because using a different motherboard may deacivate the OS. Besides you can't replace the motherboard with another make because DELL has their hardware made to their particular specifications and component arrangement that make their motherboards close to impossible to replace with any other make.

    The 0X501H motherboard for example, has differences that make it different from any other motherboard made (except maybe other Dell motherboards).. It has no mouse and keyboard PS/2 ports, as you can see in the image.. they must be on a PCI/PCIe card, and the I/O plate cant be used with a different motherboard unless you drill the appropriate holes on it, but that's only one difference, it may also have different front panel connections, so Dell makes sure no owner can replace the motherboard with any other make.

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  5. so I should just get the same one or get a new system!
    and i took that picture a week ago..
    thanks alot for the help! Chicano!
  6. baday2003 said:
    so I should just get the same one or get a new system!
    and i took that picture a week ago..
    thanks alot for the help! Chicano!

    How long have you owned the computer? some 3+ years? so it's well worth repairing.. it has the i7 processor and that makes it an excellent computer. If you want to sell it, it's worth more repaired than broken down. So repair it for starters an decide what to do with it later.
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