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Could a laptop with 3 GGB Of DDR3, About 2.3 Ghz pentium 3 MB Cache, and Intel GMA HD play Call of duty MW1 or MW2?
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  1. Hello pbsoccerboy;

    Very.. and I do mean Very.... poorly. It will run but it won't be pretty or (IMO) playable.
    Uploaded with
  2. The CPU and the RAM are fine. It's the graphics card (or rather, the lack of one) that is holding that type of laptop back in gaming.
  3. The image says 26 Fps. Thats perfect! How come it wont run?
  4. 30fps is usually considered the cutoff for a FPS to be 'playable'.
    Remember - that's the average. There will be intense action scenes that run quite a bit slower.
  5. pbsoccerboy said:
    How come it wont run?
    No one is saying it won't run.
    We're saying - you probably won't be happy with the way it runs.
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