Laptop config look good? Or suggestions

So after looking through tons of laptops I'm thinking of purchasing the Xplorer X6-7200 configured like so:

So I'd like to get your thought and opinions on the configuration and if you think a different laptop looks more suited to my needs please let me know :D

My needs/usage:
1. Any res 1400x+
2. I have a killer rig at home so this laptop wont really need to game much. Being able to play TF2 and movies at HD would be fine. This is primarily for light gaming, movies, programming etc...
3. Battery 2hr+ is fine, my uni has plugs everywhere you look

Thanks for your help!
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  1. A bit light in the GPU IMO - that GT 520M isnt much better than a 'entry level' graphics card.
    What budget are you working with? $800 or so?
    Did you upgrade with any options there?
  2. Yeah around $800 or so, and upgraded to the i7 2630qm and 8gb of ram
  3. Did you compare price and options with the Sager NP3250 / Clevo W251HNQ over @ XoticPC?

    Look over the Sager NP5160 / Clevo W150HN which offers the GT 540M graphics card and isn't too far off in price.
  4. Was that screen resolution just 1366x768?
  5. Does look like 1366x768 with no upgrade option that I can see.
    Clevo W251HPQ Gaming Notebook 15.6" HD LED-Backlit 1366x768 Display w/ Built-in 2.0MP Webcam, HDMI Port, Li-Ion Battery, & Universal AC Adapter
  6. Thanks for the heads up! I must have been looking through so many laptops I suddenly overlooked it :sweat:

    Well my second choices were:
    1. NP5160 from sager with an upgrade to 8GB of ram and cpu to 2630qm
    2. NP 5165 with only the upgrade to 2630qm as I cant afford the upgrade to 8gb

    Which option looks better to you?
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    They both look to be a step up over the Xplorer X6-7200.

    I'd be OK with the NP5160 and i5-2410M with 1600x900 w/ GT 540M and 4GB of RAM.
    They will install 4GB as 1 stick so you can do a future upgrade yourself - currently about $26 for the extra 4GB to make 8GB. But that's a luxury, not a necessity.
    Light gaming, movies/videos and programming - nothing there really demands the CPU upgrade to i7-2360M. But it's only $80 upgrade, an affordable luxury and something you can't easily upgrade yourself like you can upgrade the RAM.

    If you're looking to play future games +3yrs down the road the 5165 and it's GT 555M seems like a good bet if it doesn't bust the budget.
  8. A comparison of the GT 520M / GT 540M and GT 555M (TF2 not available in the benchmark suite)
    Uploaded with
    from: Computer Games on Laptop Graphic Cards
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  10. Thanks for the help. I went with the NP5160 as I dont need the extra GPU power and I'd prefer having 8GB anyways :)
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