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I am new to the PC building world and I am currently purchasing parts to build my first PC. My goal is to create a very performance oriented PC, most notably for online gaming (I play MMORPG's like Everquest and Dark Age of Camelot) and graphics development (Photoshop) that has the ability to be upgraded down the road. Initially, I don't plan on doing any overclocking but I may want to look into that type of tweaking down the road when I am more comfortable with doing that.

I would like some feedback and/or advice regarding my decisions/choices on parts, keeping the information and goals listed above in mind. My current spec looks like this:

CPU - I am planning on waiting until AMD releases their .13 micron processors, which looks to be next week.
Mainboard - Not sure yet but was leaning towards something by Soyo (due to all the favorable reviews lately), Abit, or Asus.
RAM - 512-1GB (not sure how much yet) of Corsair RAM.
PSU - Enermax 430 watt (can't remember model number).
Hard Drive - Western Digital 120GB w/ 8MB cache.
CDRW - Plextor 40/12/40
DVD - Pioneer 16x front loading.
Floppy - Panasonic 3.5inch
Video Card - Visiontek GeForce 4 4600ti 128MB DDR RAM
Sound Card - Sound Blaster Audigy Platinum EX (external).
Network Card (if not on Mainboard) - Linksys
PC Case - Cooler Master ATC-210 (aluminum case).

That is my listing of basic parts so far. I would like to use an aftermarket CPU heatsink/fan as well. I also need to choose a monitor yet but I am not too concerned about that. Are there any items that I am overlooking or missing? Any advice or recommendations would be greatly appreciated, especially regarding the mainboard for the new .13 AMD processors - are they going to be using a different socket (I assumed so due to different size)?

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  1. The Thorouhbred (.13) will use the same socket, as will Barton.
    I love Abit boards, but stick with what you're comfortable with. If you had an Asus board before, for instance, and you liked it, then stick with them.

    As for your choices, everything is fine, but I'd recommend against the Audigy. Creative's drivers still aren't up to snuff. I have a Hercules Game Theater XP (very similar to the Platinum eX), and I love it.

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  2. Looks like you're going with top notch stuff.
    Swiftec 462 or Alpha 8045 are probably the best heatsinks.
    The Volcanos are cheaper and fan speed adjusts according to temperature (although it's case temp not CPU temp, go figure) and everybody seems to like them. One thing to remember is that a Delta fan is very noisy and unless you are running one now you WILL most definitely NOT be happy with it (noise wise). They make quieter fans(less performance though) and you can buy (or make) a resistor that will allow you to control the fan speed somewhat allowing you to lower the noise of the fan. But this is not really ideal either. I don't know what to really recommend for you. I don't yet know what I want for my next system. Watercooling setups are much quieter and Koolance sells a case with the plumbing built in for ~$200 but I'm not sure it's worth the extra hassle. Something for you to think about.

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  3. Even though AMD is releasing Thoroughbred soon, it is looking unlikely that anyone will actually be able to purchase one for weeks after that. So it <i>could</i> end up being a month or even more until you can actually plop the T-bred into a system. (I do emphasize <i>could</i> though, as last I heard nothing is officially confirmed or denied.)

    I haven't heard much in the way of actual Audigy owner's opinions, so I can't say if the Audigy is a good choice or not. However, when you specify external, do you mean the Audigy Planinum EX, or the Extigy?

    I would avoid against the Extigy, in favor of the Audigy Platinum EX if you are just looking for a remote control and an extarnal sensor and plugs. Something about running such a powerful sound card through a USB connection seems funky to me. I would trust the PCI solution a lot more.

    And finally, what chipset are you looking for in a motherboard?

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  4. Wow did't think there'd be so much people willing to shell out so much over a new Ti4600! I guess even high prices sell anyway!
    Good luck with that nice comp, bench it if ya will to see how much you will score!

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  5. well for best performance u should go for the kt333 chipset, a few boards out now. supports ddr333, usb2, ata133 etc

    course you might have trouble finding expensive PC2700 ram for it, but dont worry, you can still use standard PC2100 ram at the stock 266 speeds.
    get cas2 crucial is my reccomenedation.

    512Mb should be ample, unless you have two dozen windows open at a time

    personally i like the look of the Lian Li cases better.

    enermax PSU's are good. go for the 430 whisper.

    for a heatsink on the CPU i reccomend a coolermaster, sk-6, volcano 6cu, 7 or 7+
    <A HREF="" target="_new"></A>
    for a huge review of heatsinks and the pros and cons of each

    all up that system will cost you a fortune, and within 6 months will be nowhere near leading edge.

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  6. Oh and please, do yourself a favor:
    Read the manuals!
    Most people can't even get to read their damn mobo manuals, and end up asking why the hell their AXPs are not running on the right speed. The solution is eventually they had not set their FSB to 133, thus the multiplier will give them a lower clock.
    Oh and please, mount the heatsink fan CAREFULLY and make sure it is fixed well. The last thing you want is your brand new chip to be fried because you and a few others did not know how to put it. So be careful and you will enjoy your PC thoroughly.
    I would suggest case fans to add the airflow, it helps, especially if you consider a nice sexy Volcano 7.

    All the best,
    and enjoy READING before building!

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  7. A friend of mine got a $1500 tax return, so he got a P4 2.2 and Ti4600. I think he's an idiot, since my 1.6A is at ~2.5 for 1/4 the price, and my Radeon 8500 will be close to his Ti4600. But whatever.

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  8. Lol, rarely hear some news like that from ya and personal comments!
    Cheers on Joes!

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