Network controller driver failed installation

I have a Toshiba Satellite C850-108 and recently it just completely crashed.
Being stupid i never got chance to create a recovery disc etc for it.

I have a friend that sent me a disc to help reinstall windows 7.
However when i did this i lost all drivers and had to completely reinstall them as Iv been finding out which ones i need.

One big problem i have had is that when i install the driver for network controller it just refuses to install saying there is no network driver detected.
I have tried going to devices and yellow exclamation etc but still doesn’t find anything.

I have download numerous drivers from Toshiba to try correct this but still have the same problem. I can only connect to the internet via an Ethernet.
It is as if I do not even have a Wirless card.

I’m very puzzled and frustrated with this if anyone can help i would very much appreciate this.

P.s i installed using 32bit but when i check my serial number it states that it is 64 bit. Could this be part if the cause?.
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  1. Could be from Atheros, Broadcom, Intel or Realtek depending on sub model of 850.

    All drivers are available from

    My bet would be on Atheros or Realtek.
  2. thanks for reply upon looking at my adapter it shows realtek PCIe fe family controller so if it there i dont understand why it is not picking it up or letting me update or anything then says there is no network controller. it is saying the current driver is 7.4.823.2011. going into devices and clicking on troubleshoot computer problems it seems there are more issues one being something wrong with aero desktop but this also wont fix along with another in hardware and sound. apologies if i confuse you its just the first time iv done this.
  3. should i try removing the realtek and reinstalling it? i did download from toshiba site but with no success
  4. two things try installing the intel or mb chipset drivers first for your laptop. if the laptop chipset is missing a driver then some pci device may not install right.
    using the device id info in windows you can find out what the device is and then get the right driver.
  5. I would do all these driver installs from Safe Mode, so that you're sure Windows is acting correctly and isn't confused - sometimes Windows will show multiple drivers installed for the same device while in Safe Mode
  6. i will give that a try i did already download the chipset yesterday but maybe it didnt install correctly. i might sound a little daft but i am not entirely sure what you mean by using the device info in windows
  7. still not working im a little confused now at what to do. im currently downloading all the drivers again using a flash drive this time and maybe restoring again and starting a fresh by reinstalling them all again. is there any specific order i should be installing them please
  8. chipset, network, video, etc...
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