Yes I see that Intel and AMD are neck to neck now, but who will take over performance and sales in the long run (next 10 years or so). I would like opinions because i'm trying to decide on to buy stock in Intel or AMD and I want to invest heavily in the one that will put the distance between the 2 in the long run.

I would be thankful for any opinions.

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  1. IMO AMD is going to take over in terms of performance, but Intel isn't going to disappear. Intel will probably hold a great deal of marketshare for a long time, just because it's a trusted brand name.

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  2. 10 years for CPUs is like asking where Ford will be in 100 years. Absolutely anything can happen in that time. I'd really hate to make any predictions.

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  3. Yes but looking at patterns in AMD and Intels creations and earnings and at a roaadmap what can you predict will happen?
  4. Invest in both, diversify.

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  5. In the short run, AMD's share price is currently lower than the average for 2001. I would invest in AMD, as it's more likely to make you money in the short run. In the long run, no one can say.

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  6. It's really hard to tell who is going to do better in the long run. Who knows? And I don't think this is the right place to ask any investing questions, you should ask who will have better technology in the long run.

    Here's What I have...
    Very good Mfgr, lots of fabs no one can come close.
    Very good packaging technology with BBUL(I Think)
    Just demoed .09u SRAM Chip (On Progress)
    Already converted to .13u

    Conversion to .13u on Schedule
    Hammer looks very convencing. Demoed at IDF
    Has deals with Motorola and IBM for their Mfgr technology.
    Has Plans to conver to SOI very soon.

    I may have missed lot of the other stuff, people can add to this list, but it's your call. And make sure you don't invest all your money in one company.

  7. Why dont you just forget about AMD and Intel and invest in VOODOO PC! They are the best right?

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  8. AMD => buy now and wait for a year or two. Wait until AMD release its next generation of processor and take more pc base market share from Intel. As a Pc user, I love AMD processor, but as an investor, AMD loss more than 200 millions within the last two quarters. Hopefully, AMD could turn around next year as our economy become more stable.

    INTEL => for long term investment, Intel dumped more than 2 billions on research and development alone last year. I doubted AMD could keep up with Intel in the long run, for now AMD have a slightly edge over Intel interm of technology, but how long this situation remain is questionable.
  9. Kief, LMAO...that was so god dam Hilarious....i went to that site and configured a Similar Pc i will build and my price is like 2100$ Voodoo's Price is 7,000$ ROFL


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  10. Yep, it appears they raped moneymike ***and he enjoyed it*** or he wouldnt have spammed the board with adverts for them =-)_

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  11. Who knows who is gonna win....By that time we may not even be on silicon.

    Snipet from anandtech:
    The chipmaker, leveraging the strength of its Athlon processor, boosted its share of desktop PC sales worldwide last year, according to a new report from researcher Gartner. AMD, citing the report, said it increased its share of desktop PCs from 18 percent in 2000 to 22 percent in 2001.
    AMD executives were quick to point out that the gains came during the worst PC market since 1985. PC unit shipments declined by approximately 5 percent in 2001, a year marked by a slowing economy and the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11. At the same time, rival chipmaker Intel went on the offensive, quickly reducing prices on its new Pentium 4 processor. The moves touched off a price war between the two companies.

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  12. I had a curious thought reading your post.

    How much scratch (capital) do you have to spend? Amd stock is much less than intel, havn't checked the prices lately but it was like 3 for 1. Buy more so you can make more??

    Also realize that even if Intel were to lose the CPU Marketshare to AMD, they are not 100 percent CPU sales dependant, as is the case with AMD also.

    Amd is a big Flash Media player, so if they drop there then there stock drops. Intel make great computer appliances so they both have fallback capability. So even if they both dumped their CPU projects they'd still live and breath as a company.

    I'm a huge AMD supporter (root for the underdogs) but if I was buying stock, I'd buy Intel, they have the clout. Kinda like Walmart and Target, Target is hot, but well Walmart... is Walmart. lol, sorry for the rambling.

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  13. Quote:
    How much scratch (capital) do you have to spend? Amd stock is much less than intel, havn't checked the prices lately but it was like 3 for 1. Buy more so you can make more??

    I consider both companies good investment possibilities, so have shares in both companies. To correct your pricing, Intel is just over twice the share price of AMD currently. A year ago AMD was actually higher priced than Intel. AMD likely will not increase much in share price until they start showing a profit again.


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  14. I predict that Intel will use its huge size to adjust to AMD and will eventually pull ahead, eliminating AMD as a serious competitor. We've seen in multiple times before from Intel. They're a massive company with resources far beyond what AMD, or other likely competitors have access to.

    This is not to suggest that you invest in one company over the other, because, as FatBurger said, forecasting anything in the high tech industry 10 years out is like trying to predict where and when the next pimple on your ass will show up.

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  15. That's a toughy. I've been waiting to see who evolves into the multi-processing power market, as I believe that will be the future of true power. So in that aspect, AMD is developing their quad-runners, while Intel is working on threading their processors. I personally think that AMD's recent paths have been more future based in their idealogy. Maybe I'm just crazy, though...wouldn't be a first.

    So what's my prediction: AMD is going to develop a powerhouse that is going to give Intel a VERY rough time. But Intel has enough dough to make a comeback from it, so long as it doesn't take them too long. This will not take place for about 2 years, and could be in duration of up to 10 years thereafter.*

    *All information contained within this email is for entertainment purposes only. Any use or misuse of the information contained within will not be the responsibility of the author. So in other words, don't make any damn financial decisions based on my ramblings.

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