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Cannot partition unallocated space

February 22, 2013 12:51:37 PM

Hi peeps

I recently installed windows 7 on a new 3gb HDD. I set aside 60gb for boot and that was all i remember doing.
When I ran windows, it said I had only 60gb on that disk, I'm a noob so I freaked out a bit. I searched forums and learned to use disk manager. When I entered disk manager, the disk was already split into three volumes, the aforementioned 60gb boot, 2tb, and a 750gb. I right clicked the 2tb volume and created new partition.

Now the problem is I could't do that with the 3rd volume. All options are greyed out. Here's what it looks like atm.

I've tried 3rd party software like Paragon Disk Manager, but the same thing happened. I couldn't select the 3rd volume.
I'd hate to lose 700gb off my new HDD. Please help.