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Here's the deal. I am looking for a light laptop, with very good build quality (sturdy), a quality screen 13" and above (good color and contrast for movies), and battery at least 4 hours for browsing at 80% brightness. Budget is $800. Is such a laptop really so hard to find ?
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  1. It will be used for HD videos, some StarCraft (Lowest Settings), very minor editing on AutoCad (I have a main computer) and maybe Diablo 3 in the future.
  2. Well, the demands for Starcraft and that of AutoCad are pretty different. You can run SC2 on low on the integrated Intel card, but i don't think AutoCad would run well on the same setup. If you think having a high res screen (higher than 1366 x768) is important, then i think your only choice at your price range is the Dell XPS 15. If having a 1366 x 768 screen is ok, then there's a few choices:

    For 13", there's the Acer 3830TG (Intel i5, Nvidia 540M)
    For 14", there's the Samsung QX411 (i5, Nvidia 525M)
    For 15", there's the Asus N53 or A53 (i5/7, Nvidia 540M)
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