How powerful is my laptop?

Hi guys. I just bought a new laptop Dell Inspiron n5110 with core i5 2.30GHz (sandy bridge). 2 cores, 4 threads. 4 gigs of RAM. 1GB Intel HD graphics card. 500 GB Hard drive. I'm just wondering how powerful it is? I mean what kind of tasks I can do on this machine easily, How much load it can take? What if I use it with 2 new dual monitors with it? How much powerful is it then dual core laptops? Sorry for the noob questions. Your answers will be highly appreciated :)
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    Laptops in general can only connect to one external monitor unless you have a Radeon HD graphics chip that supports EyeFinity.

    The Core i5-2410M is pretty powerful. I am currently using my Lenovo Y470 with the same CPU to encode video and it does so pretty fast.

    The integrated Intel HD 3000 graphics core is decent enough for most people. It is around 2x more powerful than their older GMA 4500MHD graphics core. It's a little faster than the desktop version of the Radeon HD 5450. It's good enough to play some games that are not too demanding. Playing a game like Crysis is doable as long as you set all graphics options to the lowest levels and you do not mind the frame rates dropping into the high teens during small fire fights.
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  3. thank you so much!
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