1700 temp question

I have a 1700+ on a biostar m7vib ddr mobo.
It says cpu temp is 60 to 62c. This is while gaming.
Is this to hot ? Not over clocked straight outta the box
ty in advance for help :]
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  1. regardless if your computer locks or not (if it locks then it is a problem) but 60-62 gaming is high, in this case the idle is 55-57c.

    it seems you used the retails heatsink and maybe it is not contacted well with the cpu core, because even if it is a retail heatsink then you wont have such temps.

    maybe your motherboard posting higher temp as the Asus does, so better you check with them.

    i suggest you buy volcano 7+ and apply artic cilver III and ask someone expert to install it (if you have no idea how to install).

    also check your core voltage, it should be 1.75v

    wish if there was UnDo in the life
  2. No that is not too hot. Go to AMD and find the whitepaper on thermal limits. You'll find it is up to 95Celcius.

    A high temperature can be a symptom of a bad processor, but the temperature is not the cause in itself.
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