Which windows 7 do i need to buy?

When you go to amazon.com and look for a windows 7 64 bit i need a 64 bit by the way not a 32 bit because i have 16gb ram and need to utilize it, there is a windows 7 home premium that costs 200 bucks but right now is a bout 160 on sale, then there is the windows 7 that is 99 dollars its that dvd builder pack and im gonna have to guess the one that costs 200 dollars is the one i need, i want to remove my windows xp32 bit and install windows 7 64 bit full version, can someone please give me a link to one i can digitally buy or even on cd i just want to make sure im getting the correct one
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  1. The $99 windows 7 is the OEM version. This will be tied to the first computer you install it on and may not be transferred. The $200 windows 7 is a RETAIL version. This you may install then uninstall and move to another pc as many times as you like AS LONG AS you only have it installed on one machine at a time.
  2. You are correct in assuming that you need at least Win 7 x64 Home Premium.

    If you ever want to upgrade your RAM to over 16GB you will need Win 7 Pro though, since Home Premium has a 16GB limit.

    $160 is a good price. Make sure it is a *new* product though, so you don't run into activation issues.
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