socket 7 upgrade ?

Got this ole Comcrap5150 w/K6-2 @350MHz and would like to drop a 550MHz cpu in it. Will there be any problems with the differing core voltages? (350-2.20v / 550-2.30v)
Also, I notice the two cpu's have a different multipliers (3.5 / 5.5)... it's pretty tight in there and I can't readily see if there are jumpers for this. Problems?

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  1. if you put in the 550 MHz cpu you will need to change the voltage with the onboard jumpers, else the system may not be stable or you will have to underclock the processor to 450 MHz or so.

    in fact, with this 2.3V or a bit higher, you can set the muliplier to 2x that will be translated to 6x, so you will get a 600 MHz processor! A tiny bit of overclock but works! Make sure you get some good cooler, dont use the one you had with the 350!


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  2. There should be jumpers for the multiplier (I haven't ever seen a Socket7 board with BIOS jumper settings). If your board doesn't support any voltages between 2.2v and 2.8v, you'll have to go for 2.8v or pray it works at 2.2v

    Anyway, you might be able to OC a K6-2 550 to 600 at 2.8v, but you'll have to use a large cooler, as in a Socket 462 (Athlon/Duron) cooler. Don't ask the stupid techs in the shop if a Socket 462 cooler will fit Socket 7, take my word for it, I know these things and they don't.

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  3. thats Crash!

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  4. I'm fairly certain that 50% of this forum knows more stuff about computers than 95% of techs in the shop!

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  5. yes, thats true! but there are surprises in the world!

    One of a vendor here, from whom I buy non-critical items liek floppy drives, sound cards etc. knew that! he ran out of regular cheap sockey7 HSF, and he pushed a Intel (Sanyo-Denki) HSF to a customer convincing him it would fit in!

    He is of the kind who doesnt even know what brand of motherboard he is selling! people come to him and ask for 810 board (without any specs other than AT or ATX), he hands out a zida/pcpartner/pchips/mercury(kobian)/noname whatever he has, basically all the cheapos brand board! you ask him for a PCI VGA card, he will hand over the SiS6215 etc!

    and he knew it!

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  6. Hey, I work with a dealer like that!

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  7. thx crash/girish... you told me enough to find out this Comcrap is'nt upgradable.(no jumpers) i also searched the net and ebay and it seems there are no available boards configured to fit this case. (i.e. cpu dead center, horizontal ram slots)

    thx again' thegeeze
  8. ...but don't get one larger than 60x60mm

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  9. It’s a stretch and has integrated video, but <A HREF="" target="_new">PC Chips</A> will fit in the system with a 1.2 Athlon. Comes with modem and LAN so for $180 you have a 1.2 clunker that should be good enough for the average schmuck. If you have less than a 250w power supply you may have to use a lesser chip like a Duron.

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  10. The above is available only if your system has a standard AT power supply. I am no expert on Compaq so as the Signature of the week states: You get what you pay for...all advice here is free.

    P.S. Get the ATX form card for 6 bucks unless you don't want USB and serial mouse. For 6 bucks you do. Make sure they send you all the extension brackets. There are a total of 6.

    They are

    ATX form USB, mouse, IR
    Audio extension (sound), midi game

    They didn’t send all the brackets when I ordered one but they’re the only place I could find that caries such a board. They sent them a week later.

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  11. Compaq doesn't use AT cases, they either use proprietary form factors or ATX/mATX.

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  12. There IS a way to make the mobo support different multipliers, I'm sure of that!

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