A thin blue line at the bottom of hp dv2000 laptop

I'm facing a strange kind of issue with my laptop. A thin blue white appears at bottom of the screen which comes and go on pulse like time. I first noticed this few days ago and the it was working fine till today. Now the problem strikes again and this time not going back. It seems that there is no issue with the LCD as this happen without touching the LCD.
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  1. bad lcd ... connect an external monitor to confirm video is ok ...
  2. Check if this is issue with LCD or not by connecting an external monitor to your laptop, instead of touching the LCD...

    Most likely you got some connection/wiring/GPU problems

    what are your running temperatures? is the problem occuring over time or right as you start the PC up?

    (to check temps download speedfan or HW monitor)
  3. No problem in external monitor..
    Here is the screenshot.
  4. alright so it's the laptop LCD that's at fault, you can try fixing it yourself or if it's still on warranty contact support.

    good day
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