Windows 7 fails to load- black screen during loading

Hey guys, yesterday I moved my computer and when I turned it on windows fails to load, goes to black screen when the windows sign comes together at start up.. you can see my specs in my profile, I'm very suspicious of a hard drive issue... I can't load from cd either, I changed bios to load from cd only and it still asks if I want safe mode/start normally but never an option to boot from cd and continues to black screen. Anyone wanna confirm/deny that its likely a hard drive problem and that I probably need a new one?
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  1. Forgot to say any help would be greatly appreciated.. I didn't mean to say I knew what was wrong, just that I have done some reading but nothing I've found is exactly my situation. Again thanks to anyone who has some input!
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    This probably isn't the problem, but I had the same thing happen to me. Windows was loading, I just couldn't see it because I had plugged my computer into my TV using a HDMI cable and forgot about it. Somehow, it was being used as the primary monitor when it rebooted, but since I was watching TV at the time, it wasn't on the HDMI input. My regular monitor just showed a black screen.
  3. Hmm ill have to look into that. I am not using my regular monitor right now, will check that tomorrow night, I'm at a friend's using his equipment
  4. Yeah so I don't know what was up with the original problem of windows not starting properly (it was originally offering me the repair which I selected but it said it couldn't fix the problem), but after I got home and hooked up all my own stuff it worked fine... Thanks for the help!
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