Sony Vaio PCG-61211T laptop repair!

I have a Sony Vaio laptop, and it needs to be fixed (explorer.exe isn't loading!), I can't get the restore function to work though (it fails after about 10 mins). It's from China, and I can't find much information about it, on the sticker it says it's a "PCG-61211T" but all the PCG models start with a letter than a number, but this one starts with a "6". Basically, I can't find any information about it, let alone driver downloads or a restore disk. So basically:
1) Would it be possible to fix the current Windows install? I haven't even been able to get the command prompt to load.
2) Do you know what drivers it would use? I'm thinking about simply installing a fresh copy of Windows and ignoring the restore function.

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    yeah in this situation you'll probably have to piece things together and get a simply windows install disk and install windows from that.

    In terms of drivers, if you can still run programs on that system, I'd recommend getting some of the following programs to help you identify the hardware. At that point you might be able to locate a manufacturer for certain parts and obtain drivers. My recommendation is to obtain these drivers and store them on a CD or flash drive prior to trying to reinstall windows.

    Ok, here's the list of programs:

    - CPU-Z
    - Everest
    - HW Monitor (Hardware Monitor)

    also if you go to system information tool that is part of administrative tools in control panel (I think) that might give you some very detailed and useless info, but some of it might be useful.
  2. I've installed a fresh copy of Windows, and at least it now works :P Windows Update looks like it was able to successfully identify and locate some drivers for the laptop's hardware, so it looks like I'm all good. Hopefully!
  3. Alright, glad you resolved it, mostly
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