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CPU too hot??

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March 18, 2002 4:49:39 AM

No way. I used to think my Athlon XP 1800+ at 50C was too hot, because many other people were getting 35C and below. I carefully re-applied my arctic silver again and again with no difference. I came to the conclusion that my CPU was not going to get any cooler with this particular heat sink. I really don't care anymore. 50c is nowhere near the limit on these things.

I used to have the Thermaltake Volcano 7, which, at 50 degrees, the fan ran at about 5500 rpm. Way too loud for me. I threw that piece of junk away and got me an Alpha PAL 8045 and a 3000 RPM fan. My CPU now idles at about 49 degrees C.

Best of all, it's silent.. I walk into my room and I can't even tell my computer is on. With that Volcano, I could hear it from across the house.. I recommend this heat sink to anyone. Just make sure it will fit in your motherboard.. This thing is big, and it doesn't clamp onto the cpu socket like most.. It bolts onto your motherboard, so it has to have 4 holes around the cpu socket.

Stop worrying about your cpu temp.. Try this.. On a hot day, turn your air contitioner off, and run toast, or cpuburn for a few hours.. If your computer hasn't locked up by then, you should be just fine.

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March 18, 2002 11:36:35 AM

Alot of motherboards read the temps incorrectly. My friends Asus DDR board (I can't think of the name, sorry) always shows his XP 1600+ at 55 degress idle (or more). My T-Bird 1.2 @ 1.33 runs at 40 idle, 47-48 full load. This is with two case fans and a Taisol hs/Coolermaster fan.

Once though, my fan failed, and my CPU ran at 70 degrees for about an hour before I realised the problem and bought a new fan. I think this crap about AMDs running hot is exaggerated.


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March 18, 2002 1:34:29 PM

totally agree with the incorrect readings,
jsut a short while ago i was pulling my hair out wondering why my mine idled at 57-60C and ~68C at full load (the 7k vantec lowered those numbers a little bit). recently i realized that my mobo read 5-15 degrees too high which is not too cool either but will suffice for me.
so one cant put too much trust in those numbers youre seeing - test it and see.

my crude but resonable method (if anyone can offer advise or point out flaws feel free):
measure room temp
turn on comp (make sure its been off for a good while so it should be at room temp)
go to BIOS immediately and note the temp and how fast its rising
mine was 38-42C at startup and rose at about 1C per 3-4 secs so in the ~10 sec that it took to get to the BIOS it shouldnt have risen more than 5C.
room temp = 20C,
original temp (~room temp) + theoretical increase = theoretical cpu temp: 20 + 5=25
so the reading - theoretical = error: 40-25=15 thats 15C error by generous calcs so i said 5-15C error.
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March 18, 2002 2:15:27 PM

Out of curiousity... do you have an Asus motherboard?

I have the A7M266 and it reads 10 degrees higher than it 'used' to. As of BIOS 1005 Asus tweaked it to add 10 degrees to the reading because they claim it is now 'more accurate'... It confuses the heck out of people though

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March 18, 2002 2:53:54 PM

Sounds to me like you have poor case air flow. That would explain the loud Volcano 7. I have the same Volcano 7 and it's silent because I have excellent case air flow. Plus, most of the time, my temps are in the 30s with an ambient room temp of about 20c.

BTW, at this very moment, my Volcano 7 is at ~3200RPM.

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March 18, 2002 5:11:20 PM

nope, ive got a $hitty biostar on a via kt266
from what ive heard though this is a problem with various manufacturers, but yes artificially adding 10 degrees to the reading makes no sense to me either.
March 19, 2002 2:11:01 AM

my cpu temp drops about 5 degrees when I open the case cover... Lets see. I have the Antec KS282 case, ,I have a fan blowing out from the back, and one lower at front blowing towards the back. Case is in a desk w/ closed door, but it makes no difference if I have it sitting out in the open.