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i850E with Northwood

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March 19, 2002 6:49:47 AM

I have found one i850E board (I guess the manufacturer is Epox) for about $150. Northwood 1.6A about $140. Samsung RDRAM PC1066 256MB*2 maybe $150.

Has anyone had good experience with i850E + 1.6A?

The quoted price above is from the local retail stores here in Seoul - the actual price I pay is much lower.

Hope I can get Abit IT7 at the same price.

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March 19, 2002 10:42:54 AM

I thought the new Northwood chipsets and RAM have yet to be out...

Besides, unless you overclock, and you plan on getting very good performance, this speed grade no longer is worth it. They're being phased out anyway, so get one to overclock, it'll last. You should consider a higher speed one. The future Northwoods 2.53GHZ and 2.6GHZ have tremendous performance, and although they will be at premium price, they will most likely lower the current ones, so I recommend you wait.
But yes the i850E is definitly the current choice chipset for the best performance, which is to come soon in a few months.

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March 19, 2002 11:01:01 AM

Hello Mr. Shin... You may recognize my ID, I have talked with you before on other (Korean ) sites before...

I just want to say that there isn't any i850E-based motherboard yet. You are talking about Epox 4T2A3, imported by SUMA of Korea, right? It is not equipped with i850E chipset. It is not even announced by Intel yet.

The board was introduced last September, and SUMA has been selling as "4T2A Pro." This time though, Epox has released a new BIOS that can fix AGP/PCI clocks, and up'ed their revision to 1.1 from 1.0, and SUMA has renamed this board to its original name for sale in Korea, which is "4T2A3." Nothing is new. The chipset has not changed, nor did its clock generators, DRCGs, sound chips, and even voltage regulators. Everything is the same with 4T2A Pro.

I went to Yongsan Electronics Market today, and saw it with my own eye. Even the SUMA distributor said that it is not any different from 4T2A Pro.

This is a bit of dirty marketing by SUMA, so don't be fooled. There's no product with i850E chipset, as of yet.
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March 19, 2002 7:55:20 PM

Thank you. I am sorry I can't exactly recall who you are though your ID is familiar.

That board with i850 did fool me for a while and I checked Suma site myself yesterday. It was somewhat strange marketing. And they say it supports 533 FSB. With the same i850.


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March 19, 2002 8:58:41 PM

sorry about that 850E. I mistook an 850 for 850E.

Of course, I will overclock a Northwood. I have Crucial DDR PC2100 and Samsung RDRAM PC800, but I'll sooner or later buy Samsung DDR333 or Samsung RDRAM PC1066 as soon as the price is acceptable.

Not sure whether the future 533 FSB Northwoods will be overclocked as easily as the current 500 FSB 1.6A which I can buy around $130.

I'm also considering to go for Prestonia with i860.

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March 19, 2002 10:24:57 PM

Intel says it will reduce the price for Xeon Prestonia 2.0A from 417 to 224 on May 26. Great.

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March 20, 2002 10:32:26 PM

Hm. It seems I have to wait a few more weeks to see an i850E board. MSD, Seoul, imports ABIT TH7II and MSD price is about $150. There is no TH7II-RAID here so some people are read to pay $200 if they can buy it. (not me.)

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