Help !!Athlon Xp Temp causes Locking

I have a Athlon Xp 1700 and a elite k7s5a, 2 sticks of 133mhz sdram...geforce ddr, sblive, windows xp pro...all drivers up to date correct...b4 this cpu, with same setup i was runnin a p3600e and abit be6-2..all worked fine. Now i got the athlon and was runnin at its designated speed of 1.46ghz...with a shitty heatsink/fan..was gettin quite hot 47c idle 54C load..if the temp exceeded 54 my pc crashed...i have watched this happen on bios screen ..ok and then when i was runnin games i.e medal of honor and global ops ...lock ups ..all the time!!!. so i turned cpu down to 1100mhz (100mhz bus) and hey presto no crashes in the games (only while case open) reduce temp got myself a coolermaster copper heatsink and fan HCC-002 (6800rpm fan) the temp is lower 40Cidle and i can run the cpu at full speed (case on) however still lock ups in games!!!! read these forums and tried everything else i.e video audio etc reinstall etc ...the problem is my heat i know cos when i run it at 1100mhz it runs fine and dandy...however this is not what i paid can anyone tell me what the f**k i can do this is startin to p**S me off alot...plz dont reply talkin about how the cpu or motherboard is not the prob i know it is cos this thing works fine at 1100 but scrwews up totally when i run it on manufacturer speed 1.46 PLEASE HELP ME!!!
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  1. Well, your CPU temp seems ok. Really, it sounds like it was even ok before you got a different HSF, but anyways...

    What's your ambient case temperature? What was your ambient case temperature with your old setup? Your new CPU seems quite cool enough, but it's probably causing the rest of the system to run considerably warmer.

    Try running Prime95 for a while, then try running 3Dmark2K1 for a while. If the CPU lasts in Prime95 but locks up in 3Dmark, the CPU's probably fine, but the gfx card probably isn't taking the added heat very well.

    I'd also make sure your power supply is up to the additional work. What brand/model/wattage power supply do you have? Do your voltage rails (5V especially) remain steady under load?

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  2. 54 degrees c isn't something to crap your pants about. what's the bios fail safe set at?

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  3. This sounds more like a documented problem with the K7S5A than a heat issue. I had 3 of these boards that had the same problem. RMAed them all and switched to the Shuttle AK31A. If you go to and go into the K7S5A mobo section of the forum you should find the information on this. I forget the specifics but it had to do with a driver impendence problem in conjunction with CPUs over 1GHz. My boards would run fine with the FSB set at 100 but not at the default 133 with a 1.4Ghz Tbird. I'd give a link but ocworkbench seems to be down right now. Hope this helps.
  4. thx 4 the info all...well my power supply is aopen fsp300-60gt..i probably will send it back to the place i bought it and tell them to stick it ...if they wont upgrade the board i guess i'll opt for equivalent p4+ board bundle :( i will try the prime +3dmark suggestions but i think killian has probably hit the nail on the head... thx dude ;)
  5. I have now run cpu at factory speed 1.46 (1700xp+) and it locks up in 3d mark 2001 but the cpu isnt that hot 45C so killian must have been right about my k7s5a...what should i do now send it back or what ?
  6. I have experienced the same thing with one of my K7S5As (locking at temps over 53C) and I attributed it to two things:

    1) The board under-reports the actual core temp - it is probably a lot higher.

    2) The chipset is overheating - it has only a small heatsink with no fan - run the box open and touch it - it gets VERY hot. I replaced mine with a chipset cooler and haven't had a problem since. I also overclock so this helps me get higher FSB speeds as well.

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  7. Before I even clicked on this thread to read your specs, I thought to myself, "I'll bet he has an ECS K7S5A"....

    Kinda freaky that I was right.

    First of all, I LIKE the K7S5A motherboard. It is a great little board for the price! However, it seems to have a known issue with the chipset cooling not being sufficient for a small number of people.

    If you either reseat the chipset cooler with a better thermal adhesive or get a better chipset cooler it just might fix your problem! I think there are some guides on how to do that out there... if someone here doesn't have one handy, you can probably get some help at the ECS motherboard forums at

    Best of luck!

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  8. Quote:
    have now run cpu at factory speed 1.46 (1700xp+) and it locks up in 3d mark 2001 but the cpu isnt that hot 45C so killian must have been right about my k7s5a...what should i do now send it back or what ?

    Looks like a fault with the mobo, get some thermal adhesive and use your old heatsink on the chipset, that should keep it cool. ;-)

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  9. Ok... Listen I had the same problem as you with an Asus A7V-266e. Same processor, same ram, and same vid card; furthermore, I also got a new heatsink, just like you. Trust me on this one dude, it is not the mobo problem. It is all in the bios. What I did to fix my problem was: updated bios, changed aperture size; then, I played around with fast write, the burst len, and all other settings until I got a successful combination. The above is basically what you should do. You have nothing to lose, so try it if you want.
    Well hope it helps.
  10. thanx everyone 4 the advice shall try all of it though am worried once i start muckin around with the chipset heatsink it may invalidate my warranty and then if puttin the heatsink on doesnt solve the problem i will have to go out and buy a new board...btw i am now gettin lockups in 3d mark 2001 when the bus is only 100mhz :(
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