problem with a few games but think it's a xp probl

this is the 3rd game thats done this to me,all bought games,medal of honor and bf1942 did it first and now age of mythology.
the first 2 after a few weeks just suddenly after inserting cd, asked for cd and ended up having to reload the games afresh,now all of a sudden aom has done the same thing and no matter how many times i uninstall,reinstall,patch, after the intro's the message is initilization error no matter what i do.
i know that normally i would just reformat and reload, but i get so much grief from my kids when i do that and i would rather not if it can be helped
anyone any ideas
and no i have not cross posted, i think this is a problem with win xp !!!!!!!!!!!???????????
regards waggers
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  1. Hmmm....

    I have those games with XP and don't have a problem. It might be a good idea to see if there's another reason just so you don't isolate the problem too soon. Have you changed anything? Are you haveing other problems as well?

    I've had that kind of problem due to heat. I didn't get the initialization error though, but it's worth noting that those games are pretty intensive so that might be an issue. Take off the case cover and blow a fan on the computer. If the games run like this, it's probably heat. Download <A HREF="" target="_new">Motherboard Monitor</A> and see what your temps are. As a case in point, I once could not play a game at 49C (which isn't really hot), but when I got the temp down to 47C, it played.

    It's worth trying.

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  2. not a heat problem, running at 39c at moment and i have quite a few fans fitted,first 2 games run ok and have done for a few months now,its just aom i cannot get over the problem with,which started 3 days ago,and was very much the same problem as the first 2 at the start. i have been playing aom for a month or more now, why suddenly give error messages or insert cd when going along ok for a while. no other problems with any other programs.
    many thanks for your response dhlucke
  3. Assuming it's not hardware, let me see if I understand you correctly your saying you have been playing the games for awhile, and then all of a sudden when the game ask for the CD you get errors. If so, I would expect that some prier change to the system had something to do with it, either by you or another user.

    What I suggest is saving the game data for you don't lose your spot in the game and re install the game. I believe you said you had problems with this as well. If a game installs the first time, but then latter gives you trouble with a re install, then you have to make sure the game is completely off your system, by un installing the game, manually removing any folders, and in extremes situations going into the regedit, also using un installing program’s, and registry cleaners like RegscrubXP. You can also add Ad-aware and spyboot to your bag of tools. I’m not sure what will work for you, but I have suggested a few tools you could use, you have to use caution with them as well, and doing a System Restore would not be a bad ideal before using them, or anything else for that matter. Good luck

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  4. This is a common problem with games on the UbiSoft Forums-
    they run OK for a while then crash.

    There is one solution that works for some unknown reason- ie. run the game with Win98SE.

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  5. many thanks for your replies,i tried uninstalling again,deleteing folders and reinstalling same thing initialization failed
    i know that win98se is more stable for games but i kind of like xp,like the rest of the house,so whats the answer? have my second machine only run 98,only problem is no1 puta is the best.
    or has anyone tried hyperOs ? write up sounds very good
  6. Haven't tried HyperOS...looks pretty expensive..he he..

    Have you tried running these games with any no-CD patches...I would think they would be available somewhere.

    Another work around that you might do if you want a different OS for your games is to get another hard drive and one of the hard drive selectors that are available, Trios or TriosII. Seems that I have seen another one that even uses a key. The nice thing about this is it keeps the two systems physically separated at all times. The con would be having to reboot to switch OS's...but even with all this hardware I think it's cheaper than HyperOS's advertised price. At least the price I saw at their site.

    Or...perhaps it is time to build that ultimate gaming machine?

    I'm running XP Pro, and have all three Combat Flight Simulators installed as well as Silent Hunter II and have had no problems such as you describe.

  7. thanks ww i will look into your suggestions, maybe my boy has loaded far to many games on this machine, but they all work ok, but why just stop!!!!and not run still after a reload maybe they downloaded something i don't know about
    msi kt3ultra2-aru
    512 pc2700 samsung memory
    gainward geforce4 ultra/700 xp 128mb ddr
    maxtor 740x 80gb uide133 7200rpm hard drive
    pioneer 16x dvd 40x cd int
    plus a few other bits,fans etc
    regards waggers
  8. Unfortunately, XP is not 100% game friendly and it happened to me too. I sugest you install also 98 on your pc (a 1Gb partition will do). So, when u have prblems in xp, use the 98. Just keep in mind that u have to install 98 before xp.
    Also, some detonator drives(I've seen u have a nvidia board) mess up the system, but I'm not sure which one. U should also try to revert to the last video driver, it works sometimes.

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  9. thanks ciuly,the more i read the more i begin to think i need a dual boot system, hyperOs sounds real good apart from the cost, i hav'nt updated drivers for a while on vid card.
    regards waggers
  10. U don't have to install hyperOs or something else. Just install win98 first and then xp. XP will give you a boot menu from which u can choose what OS to boot. But the 98 must be installed on a HDD cleaned of any system files from xp because otherwise it will not install. Also, it is better to install 98 on D and XP on C (for example). Anyway, they should be on separate partitions.

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  11. go to and download the no-cd patch for your games
  12. Sounds like there may be a problem with SafeDisc. Check out this article and download the patch to see if it helps:

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  13. sorry guys i thought this post had died 2 months back,then 2 very recent posts and then realised i forgot to give any feedback to close the post.
    a few weeks ago i reformatted and reinstalled xp and the games amongst other things,all those games at moment still running ok. many thanks to all for there help
    regards waggers
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