Cpu freezes after start up

Computer freezes after start up. Cpu boot up log on everything freezes mouse have to do hard reset, then sometimes take a few reset and sometime take video card out then back in to have it work. It is a hp with upgraded power supply and radean 5770. Work good before had xp on it had similar problem changed to windows 7 went away but back now. Anyone have any ideas worth fixing or even worth taking to a tech
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  1. There are a number of things you can do at home before you consider the tech shop.
    Your system sounds like it is loosing/corrupting data over time.
    This can be caused by a faulty ram module, viruses or a hard drive that is going to fail.
    1. You can test the memory by running memtest 86+.
    2. Test the hard drive with diagnostic software.
    Could you list the system components?
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