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where can i find free antivirus?
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  1. Microsoft Security Essentials. It's what I use.
  2. You could also use Avast free antivirus or AVG free.
  3. Also I would download Malewarebytes and use it to scan periodically weekly/ bi-weekly. It's really a great program if you get a virus. Usually does a better job than most virus programs.
  4. I use Avast and love it...never a problem so far...
  5. Avira is the most effective free antivirus (according to the Antivirus benchmark tests)

    Unfortunately their free version is ad supported, so you will get popups regularly.
  6. DO NOT USE MS Security Essentials. It has failed AV certification multiple times over teh past couple of years. Use Avast or AVG.

  7. faris_80 said:
    where can i find free antivirus?

    Unthreat Antivirus, it's free and easy use. I've had it for a while and I totally recommend it, you should check it out -
  8. you will find free antivirus from many different antivirus sites. but i want to give simple advice you use a register version of antivirus because the benefits of using register version is that you also get help from " Virus Removal Service " team at any time.
  9. ESet Nod 32 Smart Security 5...

    Username and Passwords provided almost everyday on Facebook...

    Very light on resources.. Reputed virus scanner..
  10. I am not using free antivirus because free softwares having more chances of duplication like Microsoft essential pro. It shows warning message also
    See this
  11. Good point.. My netbook totally got screwed up on both ends (XP and Win 7). Currently using Malware bytes.. Dont really know which is a good one.

    Older version are good, but they cant handle newer risks.. Bit Defender has high ratings for security.. but dont know how it is on computer resources.
  12. Use Protegent 360 antivirus, It is having good security feature along with antivirus.
  13. Microsoft Security Essentials, Avast, AVG - these are my favorites.
  14. Best FREE solution is Bitdefender
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