XEON combined with itanium in single workstation??

i took this quote from this link http://www.penstarsys.com/editor/Today/amd3/amdtoday_6.htm has anyone else heard of this from any other sources? seems very odd to me The Hammer series is a very significant threat to Intel, and Intel is not standing still hoping for the worst to happen to AMD. There are two areas where Intel is trying to head AMD off "at the pass". The first is a very interesting product that combines a Pentium 4 XEON with an Itanium processor in a single workstation. Somehow all 32 bit based code is shunted to the XEON while all 64 bit EPIC code is directed to the Itanium. This is not exactly a subtle nor elegant solution, as it will doubtless be a very costly machine! Trying to make both processors play nice together on one machine will be an engineering feat, and the price of such a product would be astronomically higher than what a Hammer based system would cost.

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  1. <A HREF="http://www.penstarsys.com/editor/Today/amd3/amdtoday_6.htm" target="_new">www.penstarsys.com/editor/Today/amd3/amdtoday_6.htm</A>

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