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can't make connection between Palm Tungsten T3 and GPS rec..

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April 24, 2005 11:06:46 AM

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Hi there,

I'm not sure whether this is the right group to post this too but
maybe someone might be able to help me?! hopefully!!I have been
scanning the net especially
but don't seem to find anything relating to my problem. I purchased a
GPS unit from ebay a few months ago with the intention of using it
alongside my palm t3 but have had no luck in getting it to work.
Sadley I jumped in with both feet when buying it since I had spent no
time at all researching GPS.
Nevertheless, the unit itself is small and transparent blue but has no
markings to indicate its manufacturer. It connects to the palm via the
serial port which has another cable which feeds power from the
cigarette lighter. Around the same time, my uncle purchased the same
gps receiver but with a different cable to connect to his Siemens
pocket PC. His seems to be working fine and I noticed a small green
blinking led inside the unit which dosent seem to come on in mine.
I've no idea whether this is an indication that my unit is faulty or
whether the light only comes on when the receiver makes contact with
the PDA. I have tried to use ptelnet to test the serial port whilst
connected to the receiver with no luck since after enabling all the
settings I just get a blinking line which dosn't do much else. So my
question is i need to install a special driver on the palm
(T3) to enable it to communicate with the gps, does it sound like the
unit is faulty and is there anyway I can test it by perhaps plugging
it into my pc (the power connection to the lighter has a USB plug).
Also, the connection from the serial to the gps is made via a six pin
male to femae plug, could this be the problem?
Any help/advice anyone could give me at this point would be most
gratfully appreciated.


April 25, 2005 12:35:30 AM

Archived from groups: comp.sys.palmtops.pilot (More info?)

Try placing a Null Modem Adapter between the two serial cables. You can
find them at any Radio Shack, and you may have to add a Gender Changer to
get a male-male on both ends so you can connect the two female serial
cables. Should total under $15 US for the parts. All this adapter does is
swap pins 2 & 3 (Receive & Transmit).
I used this setup with my old m515 to "talk" to just about any serial
device including external modems, Allen Bradley PLC's, and yes GPS units.


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