I need help building a quiet pc

Hi guys, I want to put together a fast and real quiet pc. The computer will be running overnight and is in the room i sleep in, so i need help deciding which mobo and cpu to get. Im thinking about getting a intel processor because I know how loud amds are. What do you guys suggest? Thank you

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  1. Amd processors are no louder than intel processors.

    It is all about the heatsink you get, if you want a truely fast and quiet heatsink get an alpha pal8045 with a sunon medium flow 80mm fan, this will keep the cpu cool and the sound would be whisper quiet.

    Others can offer you intel alternatives and other amd solutions, but dont base your decision on FUD that amd processors are louder, in fact many p4 systems run HOTTER and require better cooling than amd systems, and its all about what heatsink you have.

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  2. I would get a p4 1.6a or 1.8a (boxed with Intel heatsink and 3 year warranty) with whatever sis 645 chipset mobo suites you. I run mine overclocked at 138 fsb (2.2 gigs) with the Intel heatsink (which runs at only 2600 rpm), and the temps are only 43-44 celcius at 1.625 cpu vcore. Combine that with an enermax power supply and one case fan in the back, and you're good to go. I also used an old desktop case with my last system and with no side vents, and the monitor on top, it was very quiet.
  3. SiS 645 = Bad for overclocking, if that means anything fro you.

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  4. not true, amd cpus are louder. to prove my theory i took my hs+f off to be able to hear the cpu better. sure enough about 30sec-40sec i heard i pop, yes amd cpus are louder :wink:

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  5. if its going to be running in your room as you sleep i strongly suggest you also look beyond the noise from the CPU fan.

    of course, an efficient heatsink can use a slow (and thus quiet fan). this can be enhanced by using
    A. a large heatsink like the alpha 8045 or the swiftech mcx-462 and a slow fan or
    B. using a smaller HS with a 80mm fan and a 60mm to 80mm adaptor.

    but thats not all.
    i would strongly reccomend you invest in a quality aluminium case, this has a couple of advantages, namely built in quiet casefans and good thermal dissapation, requiring less active cooling all round.

    i also suggest a 'whisper' enermax PSU, both for the quality of the PSU and the noise level.

    finally look at other things, make sure u have a quiet hard drive, cd rom, and graphics card fan.

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  6. You can run Celeron-1200 chips without fans on the heatsinks...

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  7. i would suggest a retail boxed pentium 4 system. the fan is almost silent. don't use any case fans. remember there is basicly no way you can fry a p4 no matter how bad your cooling is.
  8. amd's aren't loud, but the fans can be, especially when people are building an overclocking rig. Many people brag about how loud their pc is but I am like you and hate the noise.

    Personally I would recommend a northwood p4 of whatever clockspeed you can afford (I wouldn't overclock in your case if you want to use a very quiet fan), with a standard retail fan. No case fans (not like they would be needed in this case), a quiet hd (I have a quantum and it is pretty much noiseless, stay away from 10,000 rpm scsi ones and such.. common sense :-), and you might want to consider a videocard that does not require substantial cooling.

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  9. Why the hell does this guy have multiple personalities?
    1)One good informative
    2)One anti-AMD hate all...

    Oh well, at least he's better than Meltdown when switching to Personality 1.

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  10. I suggest you also check out the 'Cooling' section.

    Try <A HREF="http://www.quietpc.com/products.html" target="_new">here.</A>

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  11. Hmm, what's that syndrome called again?

    AMD technology + Intel technology = Intel/AMD Pentathlon IV; the <b>ULTIMATE</b> PC processor
  12. I am not anti amd

    I am anti amd zealot

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