Best gaming laptop in this criteria?

Hello, I am currently in the market for a gaming laptop. I predominantly play WoW, but am looking to get Star Wars the Old Republic as well as Battlefield 3. the specs I'm looking into are as follows:

core i7 (preferably sandy bridge, 2630QM)
6 gb ram
nvidia gt 540m or better
any 7200rpm hd's although willing to sub out to an ssd for performance (storage isnt an issue)
battery life isnt super necessary, whenever I game it will be plugged in

so far I have looked into some ibuypower builds, sager 5160/5165, lenovo Y570, and Asus G53SW.

I was initially sold on the Asus G53SW but realized every other review on newegg was a 1-2 star citing the same power button problem.

I know computers well and have built many desktops in the past, I'm just feeling lost in the sea of laptops right now.

Lastly, my budget is $1200-1300 max, only going over for taxes/shipping.
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  1. Hello squirly;

    Sager NP5165 equipped with i7-2630QM and GT 555M @ ~$1020
    Sager NP8130 with i7-2630QM and GTX 560M @ ~$1280
  2. Check Dell outlet, I saw many m17x with 5850 crossfire going in the 1200-1300 price range. Also you can pay a little less and get the 260m sli or 4870 crossfire. All those options while older tech still stomp the floor compared to a 540m which isn't a very powerful card. If you're deadset on brand new I'd follow wr2's advice with his links
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