Iprove my 5.9 rating on Primary hard disk

xup, my HDD is a 750GB but my primary hard disk rating is a 5.9 how can i improve it
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  1. get a faster one.
  2. 5.9 is the rating you will get with nearly all standard 7200/5400 rpm HDD, only way to increase that is to get an SSD or a WD Raptor. or raid maybe?
  3. ssd, im using an old one and its 7.4, i dont trust wei but it is a good rough estimate, relatively speaking
  4. Hitting 7.7 on a 120gb Sandisk Extreme SSD. was 5.9 previously on a 74gb Raptor. Change to a SSD if you want higer than 6.0 but honestly it wont affect your machine except in some loading times. Score is only a rough guide.
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