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With some of the Pentium 4's now actually costing less than some Pentium III (ie the P4's up to 1.9GHZ cost less than the PIII 1.26GHZ) could anyone explain what the advantages of the PIII is over the P4 that would create such a situation.

I am looking at creating a Linux Server and I am debating which CPU to use.

I was also thinking of using a dual 1.26 GHz as opposed to a single P4 2GHz.

Does anyone have any thoughts? - By the way - I am a new kid on the block here so please excuse if this has been discussed elsewhere.
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  1. What software will you be using? Almost no software is even close to 100% efficient with more than one CPU, which would make dual 1.26 CPUs not worth the price.

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  2. There was a review not long ago (that I thought I had bookmarked but apparently I don't) showing PIIIs and P4s running various server software - mainly SQL and exchange stuff. Anyways, the slowest pair of PIIIs (which were 933EBs) outran every P4 system.

    If you're running multithreaded applications two PIII-S chips (at whatever speed) would blow away any single P4. But you'll pay for them.

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  3. I was looking at installing Redhat Linux. I was looking at installing Redhat's Interchange e-commerce software which comes free or IBM's websphere commerce suite which costs about $5K. My understanding is that they are both optimised for dual processor capabilities. I was also looking at Blue Martini but that was way too expensive for what we needed.

    I was looking at also using Intels STL2 dual motherboard with their (Intel's) SC5100 case and a few SCSI drives to maximise speed in a raid configuration.
  4. So this is an e-commerce server?

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  5. I am sorry - I should have made it clear from the start - Yes it is a 24/7 e-commerce server that we want to spec up.

    Sorry not to have been clearer....
  6. Please read <A HREF="http://www.intel.com/eBusiness/products/server/processor/" target="_new">here</A>. I recommend a Xeon based server. The most important things to keep in mind for a business server are scalability, RAS (high levels of reliability, availability, and serviceability), and performance. A broad selection of interoperable, flexible hardware and software blocks is also important.


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  7. <b>are</b> also important.

    Sorry FB. Couldn't resist.

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  8. Dual Athlons are faster then either for the same price. However I do know some peeps wont go that route cuz they dont have as long a history with dual CPUs. One other thing you may want to think about for a server fo this sort is the xeons with lots of ram. While CPU power is important the memory cache and system memory overall will be a huge factor.

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  9. No, Raystonn is correct. The subject is "selection", so the verb would be "is". The "of blah, blah, blah" is of course a prepositional phrase.

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