Looking for either a netbook or small laptop for school

I'm from the us. and im willing to buy from just about anywhere. it seems normally when i buy parts i go with new egg and tiger direct. but whatever is cheapest. I'm needing a laptop for school. id like around 13.3" or smaller. not to worried about the res. i figure most of them will have a decent res. i'll mostly use it for school to take notes and stuff. maybe watching movies and a maybe few games but mostly school work. i play anything from the sims to crysis. i don't expect it to run that though. I already have a plenty fast desktop that i use for all my games. i just need something that would be pretty easy to type on. not one of the really cramped keyboards. also I'll probably get a mouse for it too so im not real worried about the touch pad. id like at least a 200 gig hard drive for it. i don't know much about solid state so im not sure if that would be a value to me or not. i don't want to spend over 450. and less would be better. not to worried about the brand. but id like it to last the 4 years im in college. i was sort of looking at hp's dm1z but im sure you guys know a lot more about whats better or not so any help would be really nice.

Thanks for all the help guys but gaming isn't really what im worried about. i have my desktop for that.
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  1. Hello eriksmith3000;

    HP Pavilion dm1z $370
    3.5lbs, 11", long battery life and will do everything but game (and heavy multi-tasking).

    HP Pavilion dm1z Review

    A SSD isnt that great an option for a low powered system IMO. A big increase in overall price for a very small and limited improvement in performance.
  2. With a $450 budget you definitely will not be able to play Crysis. That will get you a laptop with the older Intel GMA 4500MHD graphics core. That is less than half the performance of their latest graphics core the Intel HD 3000 which is a little more powerful than the desktop version of the Radeon HD 5450.

    Forget about a solid state drive since a 128GB SSD will probably be a $200 - $250 option when customizing a laptop from Dell, HP, Lenovo etc.

    If you want to buy a laptop that is at least somewhat able to play games then you need to spend $480 for the Acer Aspire AS5750-6636 which comes with a 2nd generation Core i3-2410m CPU with the Intel HD 3000 graphics core. And is the cheapest laptop on Newegg.com (w/ free shipping) which has that graphics core.


    You can play Crysis 1 on low settings and get on average between 16 - 25 frames per second. Lower if you are in a large fire fight.

    The following Acer Aspire AS5552-7819 is within your budget; $380. The ATI Radeon HD 4250 integrated graphics is better than Intel's GMA 4500MHD, but is not a good as the Intel HD 3000 graphics core that is integrated into Intel 2nd generation Core CPUs like the Core i3-2410m in the other laptop I recommended.

  3. Well... Gaming on netbooks isn't impossible... but it really isn't worth the hassle to get the games installed...

    Crysis can will have problems maxing out on gaming laptops... Netbooks will struggle with low.

    Anyways, this is probably your best bet: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16834230005
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