What laptop should I buy?

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  1. Both uses Intel graphic which is fine for movies. The HP Probook uses i3-2310m along with Intel HD3000 which is the newer generation. The HD3000 is better than the Asus integrated Intel graphic. As for the CPU, I would say the 480m is better since it's i5 but it's from a previous generation. I think both will suit your needs just fine. The big question is whether you need blu-ray or not. The Asus only selling point over the HP Probook is the blu-ray player but they both use crappy 1366x768 which isn't the full 1080p you want for blu-ray anyway. If it's my money, I would go for the HP Probook and be able to do some light casual gaming with the HD 3000 on top of watcihng movies.
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