Old Tech Still Kickin' (Sager NP9262)

Alright just got this little beasty a few days ago and after doing my ritual of tearing apart and cleaning any used laptop I buy; remember to clean out dust. This thing is a major tank though, temperatures are about as good as you'd think in a 75f room, peaking at 88C on the main gpu and 82C for the secondary. My cpu is reaching 68C after hours of gaming and I don't really use furmark or anything since that doesn't reflect real world use. Since you're all probably wondering what the specs are it has a q9550 2.83ghz core 2 quad(not a typo) sli 8800m gtx(hope to upgrade) 4gb ddr2 800 ram, 17" 1680x1050 matte screen, dvd rw drive, two 320gb wd hard drives in raid 0 with room for a third drive. Truly still a great piece of mobile computing power, especially since I paid $700 :P I play at the native screen resolution since the 8800m gtx sli can still handle it pretty well on higher details and there's no blobbing from lowering the resolution. I'll post up some numbers of what it can do in games I play(ie Battlefield Bad Company 2) but it really is a nice laptop upgrade for me without breaking the bank. My battery life is a whole 1 hour while web browsing max screen brightness on performance. To all the people who say why not a desktop instead of this tank, I like to go places and I live on the third floor of my apartment and just put this in my backpack and go. I think this may become my laptop for a few years to come, though if anybody could link a couple 9800m gtx I'd appreciate it :)
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  1. what's this? praise to the old tech thread? No one denies that top cards that came out a few years past have good computing power even by today standards
  2. Haha I'm always praising old tech, I compared my laptop to my girlfriends "old" laptop 5650m, buddies desktop 9800gtx sli(hardly lost with no oc on either computer) and a buddies desktop 5730. Sure my laptop is a few years old but at this point I'd only upgrade to an x7200 which is the evolution of my laptop :)
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