ClawHammer to come in october

maybe... dunnu... lets hope so

I've received some information from an anonymous source about the Hammer and Thoroughbred that could have possibly originated from Cebit. This information is not verifiable as AMD does not comment on unreleased products, but there are some very interesting details.
Thoroughbred-initial release at 1800+ to 2200+
Barton-released only if demand is there.
SOI-gain in MHz of 10-15%
Athlon-demand dictates product life
Clawhammer-release and availability in October
Hammer chipsets-AMD will be sole manufacturer for some time after release
Clawhammer pricing-similar to Athlon pricing
Athlon/Duron SMP-non MP versions SMP capability to be removed
Hammer performance-P4 has no chance to come close in 32bit

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  1. <A HREF="" target="_new">here's the link</A>

    This post is best viewed with common sense enabled
  2. that would be nice if it was october. i doubt it. i think they may ship in oct. i'd like to see the board/chipset offers up for dual hammers. i just hope this doesn't turn out the the nforce fiasco. that thing was so hyped, when it finally hit, just inching it's way beyond the other current boards.

    I run duals because i multitask between notepad, outlook express and winamp :lol:
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