HP Pavilion DV7 does not POST

HP pavilion DV7 with Windows Vista Home Premium does not POST.
Hear the fan operating and Drive powering , but wireless indicator sound indicator lights remain orange.
QuicKplay indicator light on, other lights flashing
No response from keyboard or touchpad, black screen

Cannot boot into safemode as no response :fou:

Assistance or suggestion appreciated
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  1. Lights flashing, that generally means that something on the motherboard is fried or died...
    Does the fan turn off after a few seconds?

    I'm the same boat, we bough a DV7 back in 2009, came with Windows vista, upgraded to Windows 7 Ultimate, 2 power cables broke, never moved, they just stopped working xD , the fan eventually died, a couple of months ago, we replaced it... A few weeks ago, it died... Screen didn't turn on, lights were flashing, no keyboard response, and the fan would turn off quickly after power up. Took it apart, and the I/O chip was fried.

    Sorry man, only solution would be to buy a replacement Motherboard, but it seems that this age of the dv7 has a motherboard model that is plagued with this issue... There is no telling if it will happen again.
  2. Freak,
    thanks for responding, replacement motherboard is bad news, the fan continues running. DV7 is a nice unit but power hungry.
  3. Yeah, I'm really sorry to say that, but unless it works when you plug in an external monitor... it's safe to say that the motherboard is dead.

    Just to test it, could you take off the back panel and make sure the memory is correctly inserted.. the dv7 series always had strange glitches. If a motherboard replacement is bad news, you may need to get your hands dirty and open it up, you are bound to find a TON of dust. Also, try connecting the hard drive to another computer... see if you can access it.

    What was the last thing you did before the computer was no longer operable?
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