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My HP530 LapTop just shutdown after I left on without the charger for sometime. But now it cannot power with the charger. I thought the battery had completely drained off, so I left charging over night but not even the led charge light comes on. Is there a better explanation? I stay in an area that has no computer engineers.
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  1. Try taking the battery out and just leave it sittin there for a couple of minutes and reconnect the battery and see if anything has happened
  2. Well do you have access to a multi tester?

    You want to verify that your AC adapter is working. So if you can get 12VAC at the end of the cord then it's working properly. If not, the adapter is faulty, it could be a wire, it could be the transformer itself. Replace the whole thing.

    If the AC adapter is ok, take out the battery completely, and try powering up with just AC adapter.

    Try holding the power button for at least 10 secs.

    If none of that works, sorry to tell you, but most likely something wrong with the motherboard, so you will need to figure out how to get in touch with computer engineers at your manufacturer company to see if you can mail your laptop for repairs or not.
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