Core i7-2630QM, 8gb ram ddr3, 750gb (7200rpm) hdd, NVIDIA GT540M 2GB graphics...

Core i7-2630QM
8gb ram ddr3
750gb (7200rpm) hdd
NVIDIA GT540M 2GB graphics
1920x1080 screen res
..... $1150

Opinions? Worth the price? ( It's a dell yeah, but the hardware seems worth the price. )

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  1. Its an xps 15, and the price is after tax and shipping
  2. Honestly if you are looking for something along those lines check out this:

    This URL is only good 8/8

    It is a comparable laptop for like 300 bucks less today only.
  3. That bottom one is junk for 500 bucks more and the graphics are not huge improvement for 500 bucks. honestly both of your suggestions are far worse than ops idea at a similar pricepoint.
  4. ^ Both of them cost $1200 (similar to $1150 suggested by the OP), and GTX460M is better than GT540M or that useless GT525M your Samsung has. OP has to yet say what he needs the laptop for...
  5. ^Right. I dIsagree, but alas it is a moot point as the deal has expired. The second laptop you suggested has some kind of hardware problem (reviews). While the first laptop is decent and it does have a better gpu, the actual performance gained is going to hardly be noticeable when you are gaming. Basically you won't be able to run games on ultra high with either computers and if you want to spend an extra 100 for virtually no reason (other than gaining a few fps on a setting you can already play on) then go ahead.

    When you are going to pay 1100 for a laptop you might as well go a little higher or wayyyy lower.

    I'll keep an eye out for a good deal op ;)

    Here are some stats on those gpus if it helps:

    You gain frames but not enough to change settings or make anything more playable.
  6. I don't know what you're talking about... Asus G-series laptops are legendary for affordable laptop gaming. Problems used to exist on G73Jh, but by the SW model they killed them. You ARE gonna notice significant difference compared to GT540M, and yes, you can even max many games out.
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