Nanotechnology....the PC's future

As everyone sits here waiting for technology in PC's to advance in speed we wonder if anything is getting that much better. Well when Nanotechnology comes out in a few years there will be no more worries. Not only will we be able to make supercomputers (like Terahertz of RAM) the size of a human cell, we will be able to cure cancer and do almost anything we can dream of. Computers so small PC manufactures will have to worry where they can put their emblem because it would be bigger than the computer! When you ask? A few years, it is still being developed.


In the next decade, nanotechnology, the science of building molecular devices one atom at a time, will spur a revolution in the production of materials.

Engineers at IBM, Intel, and several U.S. and Japanese research centers are already working at the nanoscale. The secret is to position atoms precisely to create a desired structure. Once we master nanotechnology, we will be able to cram greater intelligence into devices and achieve the necessary computing power to solve the world's most challenging problems. Nanotech could help end pollution, fight starvation through molecular food synthesis, or even reintroduce extinct species through DNA manipulation. - Jamie M. Bsales

not enough? MORE PROVE it's true...but it wont really happen you say?
That's just something we will have to see. Only time will tell. The thing is that a possible breakthrough in computing like none other in the next decade!

My computer once beat me at chess, but it was no match for me at kick boxing.
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  1. Too bad nanotechnology can't teach you to type Proof instead of Prove
  2. terahertz of ram eh?
  3. but seriously, iv heard too about nanotechnology , it will change many many things ...

    as we laugh today about the time 3 MHZ processors or 1 KB Hard disks were top-notch , i think we'll laugh at the time (the present) we think 3 GHZ or 160 GB HDD are top-notch when nanotechnology hits. but its still easily 5-10+ years away before it becomes mainstream and common-place.

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  4. yes are you familiar with using protein molecules to store digital information? ENORMOUS "harddrive" capacity can be created this way. we'll laugh at 160Gb's if they perfect this technique
  5. Nanotechnology is evil.

    We all know the BORG use nanotechnology to assimilate countless species!

    Thanks to nanotechnology, Resistance Is Futile!


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  6. I heard about nanotechnology too.
    However, couldn't it also be used to create horrible diseases if the wrong person got a hold of it?
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