Windows 7 photo viewer is ***

Having used the XP photo viewer for sometime and being pleased with its ease of use and easy selection of print pages, I am now faced with this desecration that Microfoft have "developed " for Windows 7.
For those of you still using XP, W7 is more powerful and is quicker but as usual, the braindead team dealing with ease of navigation around W7 have had a field day.
Anything which worked well in XP they have discarded and they have decided that pretty ikons are better than planned intuitive navigation seen in XP. They have complicated many operations especially in the Files area which is a law unto itself. What fools they are. They snatch defeat from the jaws of victory but their arrogance is because they know you have to use them.
Does anyone know of a photo viewer which is similar to the old XP viewer and as easy to use?
Be grateful for help and many thanks,
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  1. Here you go.

    Microsoft probably should have bundled this with Windows 7, but decided not too.
  2. Many thanks, Herr Koos
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