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I'm trying to decide between a laptop based on the AMD A8 3530MX or the Intel Core i5-2410m + GT540M. here are the links to both laptops. There is only a minor price difference between the two.

I mostly use this laptop for watching movies, web browsing and some light gaming (Starcraft 2, HoN, Maplestory). which would be the better choice?
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  1. Get the AMD A8 3530mx since it has a better video core than the GT 540M. Therefore, in most games that AMD will perform better.

    However, in games that are CPU dependent (there's not many) like StarCraft 2, the Intel CPU will give you a little better performance.

    Since overall, you are not doing anything CPU intensive, the AMD will probably be your best choice especially due to the better video core.
  2. Another vote for the AMD.
  3. I would prefer the Intel version since it's better price compared to performance with the Core i5 CPU far exceeding the AMD's capabilities.
    As for graphics you won't know the difference in the games you mentioned and since you also won't be running high screen resolution with the 1366x768 display.
    Also the thing that makes me lean towards the Intel option the most is that it's an Asus notebook with excellent reviews regarding actual quality and warranty.

    Good Luck.
  4. Another vote for the Intel option...

    I always feel like I have to apologize for buying AMD CPU's (Im sorry, we didnt have much money this year so you have to have an AMD PC). AMD GPU's rock, CPU's not so much...

    They will both be fine
  5. When you get right down to it both are very good choices.

    It could come down to which ever is the lower price, taxes and shipping included.
    Or which one has the better warranty.
    K53SV-A1 $787.99

    I do believe the Asus K53SV-A1 has a 2 year warranty and a 1 yr accidental damage warranty as well.
  6. I just noticed that the Futureshop site mentions the HP DV6's AMD A8-3530MX APU as a 2.6 GHz processor. When in fact it's a 1.9Ghz APU (when all four APU cores are active). Maybe they just 'don't understand' or maybe they're being sneaky.

    When you compare processor benchmarks on the Big List of Mobile Processors you find the i5-2410M ranked #35 and the A8-3530MX ranked #101.
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