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AMD Duron vs XP which produces less heat?

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March 24, 2002 4:54:58 PM

I am planing on building a mini computer when the shuttle ss40 comes out in a few weeks. I'm not entirely concerned with high end performance since the machines main purpose will be to play the video files i've downloaded on my TV. But what I am concerned with, since the system will be very small, is that the computer doesn't generate alot of heat... I don't want to add alot of fans and large heatsinks (i can't add large heatsinks because of the case size). I currently use in my main computer a t-bird core 1.4 GHz and it runs very hot ( i've had to add a huge heat sink and 7200rpm fan as well as extra case fans.) I was wondering what processor required less power and which processor produced less heat. I'm considering buying the XP 1700+ or the Duron 1GHz. Or is it better to go with the SS50 and get an Intel P4? Any ideas?

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March 24, 2002 5:04:18 PM

Go with the 1GHz Duron Retail with the included fan if you're not going to overclock.

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March 24, 2002 5:05:50 PM

One <A HREF="" target="_new">picture</A> says more than a thousand words ...

Although I'd like to add that a P4 1.6a might be a good alternative. A Willametta P4 1.5 had a power dissipation value of 52 Watt. But that was a .18 micron chip. Now it's .13 micron. Those things get overclocked tot 2.2 GHz and more with their stock hsf. So if temperature really matters ...


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