Trying to decide on an under $400 laptop solution.

Hi all,

I am trying to decide one what laptop to get for my girlfriend. She does a little gaming mostly on an mmo called perfect world. Currently I am stuck between two models. Links are below.

I am somewhat leaning towards this hp laptop because I like the price point and performance I have been hearing about the A series processors. I am a little skeptical on the clock speed and I am unsure as to whether it is a dual core or single core processor.

The phenom 3 ghz dual core seems like a beast but the gpu for this one seems like weaksauce. I am not sure though because all benchmarks I have found have been with lesser laptops (usually with ddr2 ram) in which the memory speed would hurt the performance of the gpu.

Any info on the acer models gpu or the a-series core # would be appreciated. Also any input would be great.

Thanks all.

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  1. Hello salamakajakawaka;

    On the Big List of Mobile Processors benchmark scores:
    Phenom II X2 N660 is ranked #81 and AMD A4-3310MX is ranked #198, AMD A4-3300M is ranked #208.
    I think that HP Pavilion g4-1117dx has the default A4-3300M and not the slightly more powerful A4-3310MX which is an option. BestBuy site doesn't specify what APU it actually has. Yes they do, just not in the spec section.
    While the N660 vs A4-3300M is pretty large it's not a total stomping in processor power.
    It's just that they're both kinda weak, dropping down so low.

    GPU wise the Radeon HD 6480G has a nice lead over the old HD 4250.
    Comparison of Laptop Graphics Cards
    HD 4250 is a 5% rating
    HD 6480G is a 16% rating
    (when compared to a HD 6990M Crossfire notebook)
    Both are 'Class 3' but 6480G near the top of the class and HD 4250 right at the bottom.
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  3. Are these still the current version Perfect World system requirements?
    If so both laptops appear to be comfortably above the Recommended Specification.

    What is she using now?
  4. She is using her desktop which happens to be an old athlon x2 it runs it on the low side.
  5. Which CPU and graphics card?
  6. Sorry I don't know the model number off hand but it is a 2.00 ghz athlon xii. There is no dedicated graphics card in her pc. I know either laptop is gonna be an upgrade for her but I suppose the llano APu would be a little better for gaming.

    Anyone object to going with the hp laptop?
  7. The Llano A4-3300M APU is going to be REAL close to a 2Ghz Athlon X2 desktop CPU in performance.
    That big list of CPU benchmarks shows the desktop AMD Athlon 64 X2 4400+ 2.2Ghz CPU @ #213
  8. Acer Aspire AS5750Z 15" notebook $350
    Pentium B940(2.00GHz) CPU 4GB RAM 320GB HDD 5400rpm 15.6" 1366x768 LCD w/ Intel HD Graphics
    This is a budget entry level Sandy Bridge CPU. It's #121 on the CPU benchmark list.

    Without knowing the GPU on the old desktop it's kinda hard to guess how much better it would be at PW MMO.
    I know the MMO type RPGs favor faster CPUs for increased performance.
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  10. Thanks all we went with the hp one. Surprisingly a lot of computer for the price. We had this puppy running brink on full at 720p at a playable frame rate. Really impressed with the a-series APU.
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